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Quality Web Content Writing Attracts Viewers

Quality web page content is important to the success of any website. Visitors to your site want to find information quickly and easily. Web page content that is clear, easy-to-follow, and user-friendly tends to attract web visitors and keep them on the website longer.

Informative text that is engaging (along with quality images) will increase the likelihood the visitors stay on the website longer, browse through other web pages, and perhaps become new customers. Having potential customers stay on web pages longer also improves the 'page rank' score in Google's search listings.

Once the primary audience and goals of a website have been defined, a 'site plan' should be developed that will dedicate a separate web page for each distinct product, service, or message that a company or organization wants to market to its online audience. Each web page should present the most important and relevant information about each specific product, service, or message.

Quality Web Content Writing Improves Google Search Engine Ranking

Quality web page content is not only essential in keeping human website viewers interested, but it also helps to improve a web page's "page rank" and positioning in Google's search results.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is essentially web page content that is written with the strongest, most relevant 'keywords' and 'keyword phrases' pertaining to each specific product, service, or message. Keyword phrases containing strong product or services words, industry terms, or geographic names usually achieve higher ranking. Phrases with strong keyword adjective-noun combinations are particularly potent and well-liked by Google's search engine bots and indexing operation.

Effective web page content should also incorporate any applicable keywords that Google 'suggests' in lists at the bottom of many of its search results pages (SERPs). These keyword phrases generally represent the most commonly used search terms that people use when searching particular topics.

Web Content Writing & SEO Services with Proven Results

Over the past 20 years, BayNet Web Services has helped over 100 small businesses achieve high ranking with our search engine optimization (SEO) services. We have written the textual content for hundreds of web pages with keyword-rich text that is clear to the human reader, while beneficial to achieving high search ranking in Google. (Note: Google commands approximately 90% of the search engine market, with Bing and Yahoo far behind).

Our affordable SEO web content writing services are priced at $50 per hour. A final price can be pre-determined for each web content writing job, or you can set your own budget and select the number of hours for the desired task. We can upgrade existing text or can write all web page content 'from scratch.'

Experienced SEO Web Content Writer

With many years of experience in business, education, technology, web design, search engine optimization, and professional writing, John C. Souza is uniquely qualified to assist small businesses and organizations in the development of high-performance websites and online strategies that get results.

John started BayNet Web Services in September 2000. BayNet specializes in concise, informative websites with an emphasis on quality content and search engine optimization.

John's related experience includes:

  • University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth Web Team - (1 1/2 yrs)
  • New Bedford Standard-Times (MA) - Online Services - (4 yrs)
  • Fairhaven Savings Bank (now Citizens Bank) - Manager/Loan Officer - (8 yrs)
  • Old Colony Reg-Voc Tech High School - Web Technologies Teacher - (13 yrs)
  • Formerly certified by Massachusetts Department of Education in Digital Media
  • Bachelor of Arts degree - (History) - University of Massachusetts Dartmouth (1993)
  • Master of Arts degree - (Professional Writing) - UMass Dartmouth Graduate School (2005)

John developed an interest in search engines in 1997 while developing local Massachusetts websites and is still very interested in SEO today. His 105-page Masters Thesis (in Technical Writing) was entitled: "Jump-start Your Website! A Search Engine Optimization Guide For Better Search Engine Ranking."