Website Development / Responsive Web Design (RWD)

For most of the first two decades of the "Internet Age," websites were viewed on desktop computers or laptops. There were only a few major browsers available, screen resolutions were fairly standard, and Windows-based computers vastly outnumbered Apple devices.

Times have changed. These days, your website needs to render correctly on a growing number of mobile devices, browsers, platforms, and screen resolutions.

The principles of Responsive Web Design focus on providing the website visitior with an optimum viewing experience regardless of the size of their display screen.

By building a website that is responsive to users' needs and "scales" perfectly on any display screen, the user will be able to easily navigate through the website and read the content with minimal zooming, panning, or resizing.

Perfect website layouts on any computer, tablet, or mobile smartphone

Websites built with Responsive Design techniques ensure perfect website layouts on any computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone, iPhone, Android phone, mobile device, etc.

Responsive Web Design (RWD) represents a major breakthrough in presenting web content on multiple screens and devices. Most leading web developers believe that websites will be built with RWD principles for the forseeable future.

Flexible proportion-based grids and images

Responsive Web Design utilizes fluid proportion-based grids, flexible images, and other techniques that adapt the website layout to any particular viewing device. Once the device characteristics & browser width are determined, different styles are applied that automatically resize and 'scale' the website to 'fit' the display screen of the particular device in use.

'Fluid proportion-based grids' are coded with relative percentage widths (rather than fixed widths) that allow for sizing flexibility. Image widths are also sized in relative units, which ensure proper viewing and site proportionality.

High quality, affordable website design services

We build custom designed, state-of-the-art websites with validated code that is compliant to all current W3C standards - all at about 50% of the cost of comparative sites built by the top Boston web design firms.

We will work with you every step of the way through the planning, design & development, and content acquisiton stages. After an initial face-to-face meeting, most of the web development process can be done over the phone and via email. We guarantee you'll be thrilled with your new website!

Website Design & Development Considerations:

  • Define the purpose, objectives and goals of the website.
  • Define the primary audience for your goods or services.
  • Identify & model site layout to emulate industry-leading websites that get successful results.
  • Follow web standards with code that is compliant to all W3C regulations.
  • Ensure all web pages are fully optimized for high ranking with search engine optimization (SEO)

Pre-planning for your new website

To prepare in advance for your new website, you should choose a few website models that you like, make a list of the pages that you'll need on your site, and gather all of the necessary content – text, pictures, PDFs, and other materials – for your site. This preparation will save you time and money, and will make the website design & development process that much easier!


Your website will stand out in the crowd