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Mobile-Friendly, Responsive Website Design

Custom website layouts to fit any computer, tablet, or smartphone screen

BayNet Web Services can help with the construction of a new website or the re-design of an older site.

Affordable Mobile-Friendly Websites

The principles of Responsive Web Design focus on providing the website visitor with an optimum viewing experience regardless of the size of their device display screen. This allows the user to easily navigate through the website and view content with minimal zooming, panning, or resizing.

Responsive websites are coded (HTML5/CSS3) to recognize the type of device being used to access the site and then automatically "scale" the website to perfectly fit the selected display screen. This ensures perfect website layouts on any desktop computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone, iPhone, Android phone, mobile device, etc. With numerous web-ready devices on the market today and many more innovative devices to come in the future, websites will be built with responsive principles for the foreseeable future.

Update & Re-Design Old Websites Into New Responsive Sites

We specialize in updating old websites into new responsive, mobile-friendly sites. In many cases, the content of old website layouts is still relevant; we can transfer all useful and current information from your old website into a new mobile-friendly web layout. Please note, however, that it is best to use larger, well-optimized images in today's web layouts for the best viewing experience.

We can update your old small business website at very low prices. A new responsive website will also help to improve your website's search engine ranking in mobile search. We will work with you every step of the way through the planning, design & development, and content acquisition stages. Much of the web development process can be done over the phone and via email.

Get Started - Pre-Planning for your New Website

To prepare in advance for your new website, you should make a list of the pages that you'll need on your site and gather all of the necessary content – text, pictures, PDFs, and other materials – for your site. You should also:

  • Define the purpose, objectives and goals of the website
  • Define the primary audience of the website
  • Identify various websites & features that appeal to you to use as models

If you do not have web content or need to completely revamp your existing web content, we can help. We offer quality web content writing services and specialize in search engine optimization (SEO to ensure your site achieves the highest search ranking possible. Also, we always follow all current web standards with code that is compliant to all W3C regulations.